Auto air conditioner recharge

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Gospel fund raising.

We are not in automobile business, nor could repair your air conditioner. But we could make you feel cooler. It is safer to drive your car if you feel more comfortable. If you are living in the vicinity of Metropolitan Toronto, Ontario, Canada Area, please email us, or call 905-625-9261 to make appointment. Each support from you could save as much as 1600 lives.

Car compressor is not totally enclosed as your refrigerator. Small quantity of refrigerant leak through the seal daily. An automobile air conditioner should require recharge every three years. If you feel your air conditioner is not as cool as new, it is the time to recharge it. If you do not recharge it in 5-6 years, you could totally lose your air conditioning or even damaged it. An automobile dealer could bill you Can$160.00 to recharge an air conditioner. We charge only Can$80.00. All fund raised will be used for Gospel work. It is a win-win situation.


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