5143 Tomken Road

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5143 Tomken Road, Mississauga, Ontario L4W 1P1, Canada.

$620,000   Tel: 905-625-9261, Email: fablenatural@gmail.com   

Commercial Condominium is suitable for retail space, office, warehouse, and etc. Has clinic, pharmacy, real estate, church, TV studio, restaurant, accountant, computer store, electronic service, whole seller, offices, etc. 20 ft frontage, 100 ft deep. Mezzanine has 50% floor space. Total floor space is approximately 3000 ft including walls. It has two show rooms, four rooms, one ware house, storage mezzanines, kitchen, laundry room, two wash rooms, lots of ample parking, truck level loading dock. Wash room on Mezzanine has shower. Can live one people as security guard. New air con and heat. Sell as is. Presently rented out for $2200 per month, no lease.

Front ample parking.Lot.

Front show room.

Front half a room. 

Front windows.

Front stair to mezzanine.

Room 1 on ground floor.

Room 2 on ground floor.  

Room 3 on mezzanine.

Room 4 on mezzanine.

Walk way on ground floor and stair.

Wash room on ground floor.

Washroom and shower on mezzanine.

Laundry room on mezzanine.

Rear heater.

Ware house.

Storage mezzanine.

Storage mezzanine.

Rear entrance.

Rear Entrance and loading dock.

Back parking Lot.

Hi-Tech Classified
5143 Tomken Road, Mississauga, Ontario L4W 1P1, Canada
Tel: 905-625-9261, Email: fablenatural@gmail.com