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    There are some differences between a web page and advertising. Advertising is forcing your addressees to view, listen, or read them. Advertisers could use an inducement, such as a movie, sale, or any attractive event to get the attention of the target. The message is usually broadcast out on huge volume. The return could be low while the cost is high. Our world is already flooded with marketing. In fact, people are already tired of being contacted. Advertising is being ignored more than ever.
    Reading a web page is self-motivated. The reader wants to get the information because there is a demand. The Internet is an encyclopedia, is a yellow page, and is a video telephone. It is network of connecting all computers in the world together. It has no boundary.
    Putting your web page on the Internet is very different from advertising. Web page is your own portfolio. You can put down your field, type of service, price, business hours, map, location, pictures, movie, music, and much more. Your web page represents you. When people want to understand more about your business, such as comparing price, quality of service, area of expertise, locations, and etc., then they will search around to find you. For example, a medical doctor specialized on certain type of disease. A patient in a very far away country could find the treatment through search because he needs the aid. You can also put your web page address in your business card, flyer, advertising, etc. Your advertising media could have limited space. Putting a web page or site address will expand the scope of advertising. You can also request your supplier to put a link from their site to your page. For example, you are a dealer of a product. Somebody read about this product through your supplier’s site. Your supplier has already provided your address on his site. It would be most ideal if the supplier could put a link to your page, such that the customer could understand much more about your company than just an address.
    Anyone that desires a web page or site does not even have to own or know about computer. You should be aware of that your customer is browsing you. You are not browsing your customer. We can assist you to create your page or site with very little cost.
    Providing a website is much more complex than an advertisement. It can provide more information if the viewer desires it. Thus the consumer is much more informed about the product you are selling. Advertising can be done in many ways, but the newest and most complex form is through the Internet as it can provide several of the advertising techniques combined.

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